Internet: good practice

It is essential to adopt behaviour suitable to internet usage, and to secure your computer and your smartphone.

Adopting appropriate practices to safely browse the internet

  • Do not give anyone a confirmation code you have just received, regardless of the circumstances.
  • You will only receive a confirmation code if you have just carried out an operation (e.g. a purchase, or an amendment to your personal data).
  • If a code reaches you without your having requested it, do not validate it and contact your intermediary immediately.
  • Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg will never call to ask you to send it a validation code. If you receive a call of this nature, it is an attempted fraud. Hang up immediately, and notify your adviser as soon as possible.
  • Codes are only used to confirm an operation that you carry out, never to cancel an operation.

Beware of unsolicited e-mails or text messages

  • Give out your e-mail address and phone number wisely. Only communicate these to trusted people and organisations.
  • Do not open unexpected or incoherent e-mails or text messages or associated attachments. They may contain malware.
  • Never enter your usernames and passwords after clicking on a link in an e-mail of whose origin you are unsure. This type of solicitation is frequently used by fraudsters to try to steal from you.

In business, be vigilant and know how to spot scams.