Terms and conditions

The contractual relationship between Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg and its customers is governed by the general conditions of the Bank and by its offer and its tariff conditions, which form an integral part thereof, as well as, in the case of a specific service, by the specific regulations. Related to it or by special agreements.

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Offer and pricing conditions


European directive 2014/92/EU requires banks to use common terminology allowing consumers to compare bank rates for the most representative services.

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Privacy policy

Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg attaches great importance to the protection and respect of privacy.

In this statement, you will find more information about your privacy rights and how you can exercise them.

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Conflict of interest policy

In the course of carrying out its activities, including those related to the provision of investment services or related services, Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg may be faced with divergent interests.

In accordance with its principles and regulatory provisions, the Bank favors the interests of its customers with the objective of preventing situations of conflict of interest.

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Remuneration policy

Remuneration Policy [PDF - 432 Ko]