Our expertise

Portfolio Management

Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg will support you in managing your assets. Whether you want to delegate management, benefit from the advice of our experts while remaining a decision-maker, or manage your portfolio independently, we offer different investment options tailored to your assets and your expectations.

An option for every investor profile

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Whatever level of delegation you require, we can tailor your investment strategy to the investor profile agreed with you at the start of our relationship.

Four management orientations now make up our investor profiles:

  • Defensive: you aim for superior performance and returns while benefiting from significant protection of your capital.
  • Balanced: your profile is characterised by a balance between risk and return. You are looking for both regular income and growth in your portfolio.
  • Dynamic: your strategy consists of seeking strong potential for long-term growth.
  • Offensive: you give priority to the added value of your portfolio.

A diversified and quality investment universe

Our investment offering is based on an asset selection process established in collaboration with the Banque Transatlantique Group teams:

  • a strategic asset allocation group defining investment policy: choice of investment themes and development of investment scenarios, definition of asset allocation structure and choice of market exposure;
  • a tactical asset allocation group developing tactical scenarios and selecting securities: tactical exposure adjustment, sector weightings and selection of securities.

Based on research carried out by experts, we select and maintain a rich investment universe using an open architecture approach, and integrating a wide variety of financial instruments.

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Our management teams, equipped with high-performance tools and a network of carefully selected partners, ensure, with every transaction, that orders are executed in the best possible conditions.

An investment framework tailored to your needs

Our investment management services are tailored to the level of delegation you require.

  • For management entirely carried out by a financial professional, we offer standard or customised discretionary mandates: we integrate your objectives and take into account your appetite for risk, your investment horizon and your knowledge of investments.
  • For expert advice while retaining investment decision-making, our “Investment Solution Account” and “Advisory Management” mandates are tailored to your expectations and needs.
  • For fully independent access to the markets, we set up an “Execution-only Account” through which you can access our panel of investment vehicles.
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Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg is also able to advise and support you in the selection of unlisted assets through private equity investment funds.