BTL Mobile Application

Evolution of our Mobile Application

Access your bank at any time with our new mobile app.

BTL Mobile Banking application offers now electronic signature, allowing you to sign any document provided by your banker.

The BTL Mobile Banking application is a simple, intuitive, free and highly secure solution (via Luxtrust) with the following uses:

  • Access and consult your accounts and assets 24/7 wherever you are
  • View movements on your accounts and download them in csv/pdf format
  • Consult upcoming transactions
  • Create new beneficiaries in real time and make transfers quickly and easily
  • Contact your advisor via a secure messaging client
  • Consult your documents

To access your BTL Mobile Banking application, simply register your Smartphone via Luxtrust and then authenticate yourself with "Touch Id", "Face Id" or with your password.

Always listening to our customers, in a rapidly changing world, your BTL Mobile Banking application will evolve regularly and over time to best meet your expectations.